Your Garden Building will be treated with a good quality Shed Treatment in Mid Oak, to prolong the life span of your Garden Building we recommend that you re treat your building yearly.

We also recommend that you use the turn buttons provided on the door when closed this will stop any movement in the door.

Beaminster Sheds   use good quality Timber which has been grown in a much colder climate, the trees grow at a much slower rate which results in a much better grade of Timber.

Timber for our buildings are sourced from sustainable forests in Scandinavia.

Timber is not a Manufactured product it is grown and therefore it is an organic product subject to naturally occurring changes in the environment, therefore we cannot be held responsible for naturally occurring changes in timber i.e. knot dropping surface splits or shrinkage.



Beaminster Sheds require easy access to install your Timber Building.

Your building will be delivered in sections and some of these panels can be extremely heavy.   Therefore we require straight runs and a distance to the site of no more than 30 mtrs.  If your distance is more than 30 mtrs please inform us at the time of your enquiry.

We can appreciate that not everybody has the perfect access  If your building requires that it should be taken through a house,   over walls or fencing we should be informed at the point of enquiry.

We would also request that all obstructions be removed that may hinder the installation of your building before our arrival.

  • Any Arches Lintels or Bars over Garden Gates which your building needs to pass through.
  • Any over hang of Trees or Tree Limbs
  • If the only access is through a neighbour’s  garden fence we request that the access panel be removed before our arrival.


The ideal base for your garden building is a concrete base which should be FIRM & LEVEL.

Alternative bases for your building would be a full paving slab area or a Timber Base as shown on the bottom of our Sheds page.  Grass or Earth is not recommended as this is not stable and due to movement which will effect your garden building.

If you would like a Quotation for us to install a Base for your building please contact us on 01308 861144


At the time of delivery we will erect the building on the base the customer has  provided for us.

Unless at the time of ordering we have quoted and agreed to level an existing base no corrections will be made to the customer’s base on the day of installation.

If your building has been  sited on a base that is un even after the initial few days of installation you may experience certain changes to your building i.e.  finding the door hard to close, the door has dropped and you are unable to use the pad bolt this is a classic sign that the base you have provided for us is not level and firm.

We are happy to rectify this problem but there would be an additional charge for us to do so.

We are also able to send our smaller storage solutions and garden gates by courier within the UK (Excluding Channel Islands, Scottish Highlands & Ireland)

Contact us to find out more.

Please read our terms and conditions.