Terms and Conditions

  1. At the time of ordering  a 30% non refundable deposit will be required, remaining balance for building will be required on the day of installation.
  2. Immediately a building becomes the customer’s property by full payment and installation by our Company.   The customer should ensure that adequate insurance is in place for their building. We cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or damage incurred due to Accident, Storm Damage or any modifications made by the customer to the building or otherwise caused
  3. It is the Customer’s Sole responsibility to check with the local planning authority if Planning Permission and if applicable Building Regulations for their building is required.                                 Beaminster Sheds cannot be held responsible once the building has been installed if Planning or Building Regulations were required.
  4. All buildings and materials remain the property of Beaminster Sheds until full payment has been made including the cost of erection where applicable has been made to the company we reserve the right to charge for delivery and removal of your building through nonpayment for building or at customer request.  In the event of non payment, the customer shall allow free and unrestricted access to any representative of Beaminster Sheds, for the dismantling and removal of Beaminster Sheds Property